Saturday, August 05, 2017

Summer Style in the Living Room

While most bloggers are already talking about Fall decor...this girl is still deeply enjoying SUMMER!! Why are the seasons rushed??? It's not FALL until September 21st people...until then I will be thinking and living SUMMER!

I badly needed to do some dusting around here, since we've spent the better part of the last month working outside on the pool area.  Now that it's complete, I really needed to pay some attention to the inside of my home.

Today's project was cleaning the built-ins in the living room.

Here's what they looked like  a few months back.

And here's what they look like now...

A calmer, more subdued look.

Less cluttered, less color...more texture.

More neutrals with just a touch of gold and green.

I'm loving the look and the simplicity of it.  To me, it screams summer...

...where things are a little more laid back and easy.

The sun is bright here today and it's a little cooler and less humid.  I've got the windows open and the radio cranked up, enjoying the great summer breezes.

Hope you enjoyed a look around our living room today.  McG and I are getting outside today to celebrate with family and friends.  Thanks for stopping by!


Monday, July 17, 2017

Three Weeks to Paradise

Hello Friends!

If you follow us on Facebook, you know that we've been busy creating our own little paradise here at home!

After just over three weeks, we are finally finished - here's how it turned out!

First we decided where the fence would go and purchased pre-made sections from our local Lowe's store.  We installed the posts ourselves and then secured on the sections.

We have a side yard that is approximately 30 feet wide , so we utilized the back 40 feet of it which was just grass.  We rented a sod cutter and McG and his brother took out all the grass.

Then we leveled the area where the pool would be and installed the brick pavers that the legs of the pool sit on.  We had a few of our family and friends over to help install the pool and then we waited for it to fill up.

We purchased some patio stones on a local site for less than half the price and that gave us a 10 x 12 foot patio.

 Before we installed the patio, we built a small deck to access the pool. Once everything was done in this area, we had 9 yards of stone delivered and we laid down landscaping fabric and then spread the stone throughout the whole area.  This will keep the maintenance low in this area.

I thought you'd like a short tour of the rest of our yard...

This is the garden in the side yard that leads up to the pool area.

We had enough stone left over from the pool area to add to our front gardens, so we checked another project off our to-do list this past weekend. I was forever trying to keep up to the weeds in this area, so this makes things a little more maintenance free for me!

We even extended part of the front garden and shuffled around a few plants and added a new tree up front since our weeping mulberry was rotting.  We had this small Japanses maple tree in the back yard, so we brought it up front to replace the rotting tree.

I weeded the beds and we added landscaping fabric down before we added the stone.

Here's a look into our backyard from the driveway.

I hope you liked our new "paradise" area here at home.  We have enjoyed the pool already and look forward to adding this entertaining space to our home!  

Thanks for visiting!


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Changes in the Master Bedroom

Hello friends!

A couple of weeks ago it rained almost everyday here in Ontario.  I was feeling a cooped up and did some retail therapy to get me through it.

It all started during a trip to Winners where I saw this sign...

I loved the deep dark navy background with the gold lettering and the saying...well let's just say I needed an adventure after feeling cooped up with the rain!

Here's the before...

Not terrible...I still very much LOVE this quilt set and it will be kept to change out for a different look down the road, or go into a spare room.  But it didn't look quite right with the new navy sign.

Our son had given me a very generous gift card at Christmas.  I had been holding off using it in case I found something BIG that I wanted.  Then on a trip to Homesense I found just what I was looking for...

It was just what I was looking for!  And I only used a portion of my gift card!

I added some navy blackout curtains that I purchased at Walmart.  I also stole two lamps from the family room to pick up on the gold in the print above the bed.

Here's a closer look...this is the table on McG's side of the bed.

It makes a big difference in the feel of the room.  I find that it feels more masculine without the flowery quilt.  And it gives off a cozier vibe in our room.

Thanks for stopping by!


Thursday, June 15, 2017

Lighting up the Night!

A few weeks back McG installed a new dining room light for his sister.  When he was finished they said that they were just going to throw the old one away.  He knew that I would most likely be able to find somewhere for it to go and so he hauled it home for me.  I tell you that man knows me so well!!

I had him cut out the wiring.

He drilled holes in the cups so that they wouldn't hold water.

I purchased five solar lights from the local Dollarama - a total cost of $15.  He then cut down the posts to cover the white electrical stems on each arm of the light.

They were a little bigger in diameter, so he first covered them in a few turns of electrical tape.

 He cut the posts to length with a hack saw and added them to the fixture.

Then we hung it from a shepherd's hook by the patio in the back garden.

It's the perfect compliment to our yard and light's up the night with soft white light, and....

adds some elegance to our backyard for very little money!


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

A Refresh for Summer...

Hello Friends!!

This past weekend was the first official one of the summer season here in Canada - Victoria Day weekend.  We celebrated the weekend with a wedding and some projects out in the yard.

McG has been working hard to get his garage insulated and walls up.  It was basically a metal pole barn when we purchased this place almost three years ago.  He has since had the ceiling spray foamed and now he wanted the walls to be insulated too.  I didn't take any pictures of this process since I didn't find it to be worthy of a blog post, but I did want to mention it, as it is the reason we haven't really worked on too many other projects.  I'm trying to be patient as he finishes this up and I'm hoping it will be done and put back in order this week.

In the meantime, the weather co-operated for me yesterday and I spent most of the day in the yard getting the grass cut and working on some small projects of my own.

There were a few garden art items that needed a fresh coat of paint so I worked on getting that done.
I also wanted to give our old patio chairs a refresh.  We've had them for several years now and while I wanted to get new ones I just couldn't bring myself to spend hundreds of dollars, when I knew that I could make them work at least one more season.

They were looking pretty drab and I wanted to add a burst of color to the backyard so I used the cheapest trick I knew of - SPRAY PAINT!!

First I cleaned the chairs with soap and water and left them in the sun to dry.  Once they were dry, I sprayed the metal structure  a shiny, gloss black.  That alone made a huge difference.

Next McG took a break from his work and helped me to tape off the metal so that I could paint the plastic mesh seating and backs.

The side entry to the garage is under the covered patio and the door is painted red, so I chose Apple Red gloss Rustoleum  paint that was made for plastic.

They turned out gorgeous!

First we sprayed the back of the backrest, and then we sprayed the front of the backrest and the seat of the chair.

We then pulled off the tape as soon as they were done and then left them in the sun to dry for about a half an hour.  

I will be back later this week to show you how they look in the yard.  I am quite impressed with how they turned out.  I will keep you posted on how the painted seats hold up for the summer.  

For chairs that were on their way out of here, they really do look brand new - and it only cost $25 to paint seven chairs!!


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Sunday, April 02, 2017

A Little bit of Spring on the Porch

Hello again!  Another month has gone by already - time is flying by so quickly isn't it?

McG and I arrived home yesterday from a two week trip to sunny Florida.  We go each year for the last two weeks of March.  Let me tell you, the weather was FABULOUS!!! The sun shone everyday and the temps were in the high 80's.  So different from here in Ontario where we live.  In fact the week we left we had snow here and temps in the 30's.

When we arrived home yesterday the sun was shining and the temps were in the mid  50's.  All the sunshine in the previous weeks prompted me to do a little spruce up on the front porch.  We haven't gotten the furniture out yet, but I did pick up some faux flowers to freshen up the place.  First though I had to take down the wintery flowers of red, white and green to make way for this new beauties!

I spent $15 on these flowers, mixing them in with some that I had from last year's arrangement.

I even had a few leftover to add to the pots on the wall as well.  The yellow and purple are new, the white I left in the from the winter arrangement.

Just a little bit of spring and some happy colours on the porch!  Have you added some spring touches to your front porch yet?

Monday, March 06, 2017

Progress on the Bathroom

This week we have really worked hard to get this bathroom into the homestretch.

As I told you last week, this is the main bathroom in our home and the one that McG and our son share.

We knocked the following projects off our to-do list this week...

1.  sanded and re-stained/varnished the door and added new hardware - we used a satin varnish instead of the high-gloss that was on them previously

2.  Painted the walls a soft grey called "just chillin'" by Beauti-tone from Home Hardware.  It was a kitchen and bath paint in a velvet finish. We also painted the ceiling and trim a fresh coat of white.

3.  We installed a new counter-top but kept the same sink.  We also added new faucets.

4.  McG installed the new light that we purchased at IKEA - the VIPPARP

 5.  Next McG mounted the new wall hooks I purchased from Home Sense, along with the new toilet   paper holder and towel rack.  He made mounting blocks for the toilet paper holder and towel rack and stained them to match new cabinet color.

6.  He re-attached the cabinet doors and hardware, while I added the new shower rod and curtain. We also added a smaller mirror that we purchased at Home Sense.

Next up we are replacing the flooring and adding new baseboards - then we can mark this room off the to-do list!

Here's a look at the room so far...

Here's a side by side view of the before and after...

I'm loving the transformation so far and can't wait to show you it fully finished with the new flooring and trim!